Same-sex Weddings Begin Inside the Church of Norway


After several years of lobbying by LGBT Christians and supportive priests, the Church of Norway held its final vote to celebrate same-sex ceremonies within its premises this week.

Monday’s vote of 83-29 in favor of a new gender-neutral liturgy was cheered through out the country with couples planning preparations on February 1st when the new rules would come into effect.

The first same-sex couple to marry inside the Norwegian Lutheran Church was a pair of men who wed at the stroke of midnight on Wednesday.

Unlike other Scandinavian countries, Norway passed a 2009 civil marriage law that did not have State Church weddings tied into its legislation.

The new State Church rules explain that religious leaders have a right to decline officiating a same-sex wedding, but the same parish must find a replacement for the couples.

Gratulerer til alle vĂ„re venner i Norge! 🙂


Norway Simplifies Their Legal Gender Change Laws


Norway recently modified their laws to allow a person to change their legal gender without the need of surgical, hormonal, and psychiatric intervention.

In the past, Norwegians seeking the change had to undergo hormone treatments, be sterilized, and pass a series of sessions with a psychiatrist before they could receive documentation with their new gender listed. The length of the entire process could last several years before a person’s new gender was officially recognized.

The Norwegian Health Ministry’s recent proposal was hailed as a breakthrough as it only requires self-declaration and a document that is filled in by the applicant then sent to the nearest Tax Office which registers civil statuses.

Parliament approved the bill on June 7th on a vote of 79-13. It was promulgated on June 17th and will take effect on July 1st.

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Church of Norway Approves Blessing Same-sex Weddings


Norway’s state Lutheran Church voted in favor of allowing same-sex weddings in their venues today. The tally was 88-32.

Norway will join the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden and Denmark, in blessing same-sex unions inside the state church.

Last weekend, 15 of the 23 committee members called for the Norwegian Church to allow all couples to marry in the church on the weekend and the final vote in the Bishops’ Conference on Monday was celebrated by the group Open People’s Church who campaigned for the change in the local Lutheran liturgy.

Although each priest is allowed a choice of whether or not to perform same-sex weddings, couples are guaranteed a spot in their local church and will be assigned a replacement officiator if necessary.

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