Aruba Approves Civil Unions


After several postponements and heated debates, Aruba’s Parliament passed a civil union bill by a vote of 11-5 tonight.

The gender-neutral bill was brought forward by a local MP who married her female partner in the Netherlands and wished to address the issue of legal protection for non-married couples and same-sex couples already married within the Dutch Kingdom.

Despite all marriages performed within other regions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands being recognized on the island, same-sex couples cannot have their marriages performed in Aruba itself. Legal deficiencies are also present for couples of the same-sex as Aruba is not obligated to grant all the same rights to those marriages as it would with heterosexual couples.

The bill sought to bring in equal marriage in all but name. Supporters of the bill hope to see Parliament pass a same-sex marriage bill in the near future.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Aruba, please visit:



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