Faroe Islands Approves Same-sex Marriage and Adoption


On a vote of 19-14 , the Faroe Islands approved the adoption of Denmark’s same-sex matrimonial and adoption laws, with the only difference being that the local church will be allowed to decide if it will be performing same-sex weddings or not.

The bill will now be sent to the Danish Parliament who must repeal a clause in Denmark’s 2012 equal marriage law that states that the Danish constituent territories, Greenland and Faroe Islands, will not be affected by the 2012 marriage legislation. The future vote there is seen as a simple formality and once the bill is read in the Danish Parliament three times, it will be sent for Royal Assent so the law can come into effect.

According to Copenhagen Post, the bill will become law in December once it is passed and promulgated in Denmark.

-Congratulations to our friends in the Faroes and special thanks to LGBT Føroyar for answering our questions.



  1. Are there any updated news on the status of SSM and adoption in the Faroe Islands? I thought that this link (http://www.ft.dk/samling/20161/lovforslag/l57/index.htm) was related to the ratification of the Marriage and Adoption Bill. I’ve edited a number of Wikipedia pages related to this topic, but they were all reverted back by someone named ‘Ron 1987’ because the link had nothing to do with the issue. Could you please clear this up for me, thank you?


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