Colombian Senator Wants Referendum Against Same-sex Adoption


In November of 2015, Colombia’s Constitutional Court issued a ruling granting full adoption rights to same-sex couples. A member of Congress recently turned in over 2 million signatures to force a referendum on the issue.

Arguing that only couples made up of a man and a woman should be allowed to adopt, the congresswoman began a campaign titled “Sign for Mom and Dad” and turned in the signatures on Tuesday to the National Civil Registry.

For the referendum to happen, the signatures must be verified by the Registry then both Congress and the Constitutional Court must approve the initiative.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives need to approve the proposal in two separate sessions each while 5 of the 9 Constitutional Court magistrates need to vote on allowing the referendum.

The current government has publicly announced its support for several judicial rulings benefiting the LGBT community in the past and simply lets the pro-LGBT Court decisions become law.

The Constitutional Court on the other hand, has granted couples in the country many benefits over the years with written opinions citing constitutional rights and negating that the majority has a right to rule on the minority.

As such, it is unlikely that the initiative will garner enough support from either of the two branches in Colombia for the referendum to come into fruition.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Colombia, please visit:


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