Slovenian Government Endorses New Same-sex Partnership Bill


In 2009, the Slovenian Constitutional Court ordered Parliament to strengthen existing civil union legislation, especially in the area of inheritance. A third attempt at achieving this received the endorsement of the Prime Minister and his government earlier this month.

Two previous attempts have both resulted in conservative groups collecting signatures to force a referendum to roll back any progress made in Parliament.

Claiming that the 2011 Family Code reform was too similar to marriage and opposing the inclusion of some adoption rights, conservatives defeated the 2011 bill when the public voted down the proposal 55-45%. Although the proposal never became law, the stepchild adoption clause, which allows a person to adopt their partner’s biological child, was maintained.

The second try came when the new government decided to look into another civil union proposal before ultimately opting for marriage equality and legalizing full adoption rights for same-sex couples. In December of 2015, voters rejected the measure 63.5-36.5%.

Follwing the 2015 referendum, members of the liberal and conservative wing of Parliament both submitted new partnership bills. The government chose to back the proposal of an independent member who wants to give couples almost all the same rights as marriage barring joint adoption and in-vitro fertilization.


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