San Marino’s New Gender-Neutral Partnership Law in the Works


Currently, San Marino has unregistered cohabitation for same-sex couples that is only for immigration purposes. In recent days, three different parties have each revealed new legislative drafts to expand the rights of unmarried cohabiting couples regardless of sexual orientation.

The centrist-leaning coalition voted down a proposal to recognize marriages performed abroad in September of 2015 and the presentation of a new partnership bill this month surprised many in the microstate since it was not included in the government program.

The main party of the 60-MP Legislature, the 21-seat strong Christian Democratic Party (CDP), says it realizes that unmarried couples are a reality and brought its proposal forward, but will not budge on speaking out against the issue of equal adoption rights for same-sex couples and surrogacy for which San Marino has no existing law.

The leftist LabDem and United Left party also presented their own proposals. The center-left junior coalition partner,  Party of Socialists and Democrats (PSD), has insisted that it will not accept any dilution of a partnership bill brought by its majority partner, CDP, while proposing their own law. The United Left includes adoption rights in their draft law and PSD’s bill may do the same and possibly bring the topic of stepchild adoption, or the right of a person to adopt their partner’s child, to the forefront.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in San Marino, please visit:


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