Colombian Media Claims Marriage Equality Case Is Already Victorious; Final Vote After Holy Week


In Colombia, several media outlets have reported that a 20-page Constitutional Court opinion that will bring marriage equality to the country is ready and only awaits a meeting to cast a Court vote.

According to them, sources close to the Court say that the magistrates will vote against one conservative judge’s proposal to annul marriages registered by lower courts, keep civil unions as the only option for couples, and state that only Congress can change marriage laws. The expected vote is 6-3 to defeat this opinion.

Next would come the final vote on a counter-opinion to legalize same-sex marriage. The same 6 out of 9 judges are expected to extend the right to marry to gay couples.

The two pending votes may come on two different days. The media says that everyone will have to wait until after Holy Week for any final action.

We’ll remain perched.



  1. Amazing how quickly South America is moving in the right direction!

    Part of it is that in most, if not all, SA countries marriage is a legal construct and the government doesn’t recognize church marriage.

    One gets married at city hall and then goes off and has a whoopty do at the church for that sacrament.


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