Faroe Islands’ Same-Sex Marriage Bill Sent Back To Committee Stage


Yesterday, the second and perhaps final reading of the marriage bill hit a snag when objections over local churches blessing weddings between same-sex couples caused the bill to be sent back to the Welfare Committee for amendments.

The Faroese bill wants to incorporate Danish laws on marriage equality, full adoption rights and church ceremonies. In the Faroese Legislature made up of 33 members, the government holds a slim 17-seat majority, so when two MPs in the ruling coalition had reservations over the articles mentioning church blessings, it was decided that the bill be sent back to the committee stage to prevent it from failing. The tally was 26-2 with 5 abstentions in favor of this move.

According to dr.dk, the committee has another month to consider the proposal. They also state that the bill has not been voted down, but merely sent for further examination. The majority of the committee is in favor of marriage equality so the bill may head back to the plenary for a final vote even sooner than that.

Several of the loudest opponents of same-sex marriage who were against civil unions in the past have now said they are for them, but will still vote against expanding marriage rights.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in the Faroe Islands, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_the_Faroe_Islands


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