Faroese Gay Marriage Bill Scheduled for Second Reading on Wednesday



Faroe Islands is currently discussing a bill to adopt Danish marriage laws in order to bring same-sex marriage to the isles. Over the past months, different parts of the legislation (labeled 19-21) have gone through their assigned committees for debate. 19 discusses gay marriage and adoption, 20 discusses divorce and 21 is about Church law regarding the same-sex union matter.

On Wednesday, #19 will receive a second reading. It was announced in the Welfare Committee on Monday that one amendment to the proposal would be to change the date the marriage law goes into effect from July 1st to December 1st if it is approved. This is to make sure that Danish Parliament, who must ratify changes to local marriage laws, has enough time to give the bill its standard three readings and Royal Assent.

The committee decided 4-3 to recommend that Parliament pass the bill. A recent poll in a Faroese news publisher asked the 33 MPs of Faroese Parliament if they were in favor of the gay marriage bill and 14 said Yes, 12 said No and 7 had no answer.


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