Isle of Man’s Gay Marriage Bill Advances


The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Amendment) Bill 2016 went through the clauses stage in the House of Keys on Tuesday. It was decided that name of the bill be changed and that civil partnerships shall be extended to heterosexual couples.

Proposed amendments that were rejected include an opt-out option for registrars who don’t want to wed gay couples and allowing parents to remove children from classes where same-sex marriage is taught. Only one other House member voted for the first and only two members for the second.

Chief Minister, Alan Bell, was especially critical of the two amendments and denounced them as delay tactics days before. He insisted that children need love and support in the new matrimonial laws when discussing his opposition to the amendments.

One more reading will be held in the House of Keys before the bill moves to the other chamber known as the Legislative Council.

The Isle of Man currently allows civil partnerships with full adoption rights and the Chief Minister said the goal is to have same-sex weddings begin in the summer.


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