Colombia Will Now Register Same-Sex Marriages Performed Abroad


According to Colombia Diversa, the first same-sex marriage conducted abroad was registered in the country this week.

A Spanish-Colombian couple first raised the issue of having their marriage registered last year and a recent memo sent from the National Registry to all notaries and registrars included instructions to register gay couples who marry outside the country. Those couples will only need to bring a stamped marriage certificate and identification documents to the nearest designated office.

Having the marriages registered in Colombia means that same-sex couples will enjoy the same visa, pension, healthcare benefits and inheritance rights as heterosexual spouses, among other things.

As for couples who want to marry inside the country, they will have to wait for word from the Constitutional Court.

In Colombia, “solemn unions” are performed, and after several civil court judges deemed the term ‘vague’ and registered some couples as spouses, a case was brought to settle the marriage issue once and for all. The media expects a majority of the 9 Constitutional Court magistrates to uphold the marriages already performed and allow all gay couples in Colombia to marry any day now.

Remain perched.



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