Romania: Initiative to Ban Gay Marriage Gathers 2 Million Signatures So Far


Romania is one of the few countries in Europe that neither recognize same-sex unions nor ban them in their constitution. The conservative umbrella group, Coalition for Family, is planning a citizens initiative to constitutionally ban gay marriage in Romania. Their aim is to replace the current matrimonial definition stating that marriage is “a union between two spouses” with the words “a union of one man and one woman”.

In the beginning, only a handful of priests joined the group’s effort and began collecting signatures from their parishes on their own during the holidays, but after the Romanian Orthodox Church officially endorsed the initiative, the number has ballooned to a reported 2.16 million. Only 500,000 signatures from eligible voters are required for the constitutional change initiative to enter Parliament, but the group says that it wants to send a message to the Legislature and collect as many as possible before the six month period is over.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Romania, please visit:



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