Swiss Voters Reject Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage


Today, Switzerland voted in a referendum that touted equal tax breaks between married couples, who are taxed more, and unmarried couples. The “For marriage and family – against the marriage penalty” initiative from the Christian Democratic People’s Party would have also inserted a definition of a marriage as being the union between man and woman to the Swiss Federal Constitution which would have barred same-sex marriage in the country.

The initiative began its journey in 2011 and at first received support within the Legislature, but over time many MPs changed their stance and the Government issued a recommendation to the public to reject the initiative in June of 2015.

In the end, the public chose to reject the initiative by 50.8% after a large campaign by LGBT rights activists, several high profile people, and other parties in Parliament. The youth wing of the CDPP in the most populous canton of Zürich broke ranks with the Christian Party and urged a NO vote.


An initiative from the Green Liberal Party to legalize gay marriage submitted in 2013 is currently pending in Parliament.

-Special thanks to Andrea for her help today.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Switzerland, please visit:


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