Citizens Initiative to Constitutionally Outlaw Gay Marriage and Adoption Handed to Mexico’s Senate


The conservative group, The Mexican Family Board (ConFamilia), handed the Mexican Senate fifteen boxes of what it claims are over 200,000 signatures collected from more than fifty cities across the country to ensure that the definition of marriage in the country’s constitution remains between a man and a woman and to stop same-sex adoption.

The move comes as the Mexican Supreme Court expressed their support for same-sex adoption rights and set precedents over the years that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry as sexual orientation is mentioned in Mexico’s magna carta.

Currently, gay weddings are performed freely in Mexico City and the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, some municipalities in Guerrero, Jalisco, Nayarit and Quintana Roo. In 2015, the Mexican Supreme Court ordered all lower courts to grant injunctions for gay couples wishing to marry. This process allows any couple from a state without equal marriage laws to sue and receive a marriage license, but the journey can be long and very expensive. The same year they also ruled that same-sex couples are just as fit to be parents as heterosexual couples.

The pro-LGBT Court’s latest ruling was the first to directly nullify a piece of legislation blocking gay marriage in a state when Jalisco’s Congress was ordered in January to change their marriage laws. Fearing that state congresses may pass bills on their own and wary of a ruling like Jalisco’s under the right conditions, conservative groups have bolstered their efforts to annul existing gay marriages and stop future ones stating that they are fine with couples having a partnership law, but marriage should be reserved for heterosexual couples. The initiative argues that marriage is for procreation purposes and thus only between men and women.

The initiative will now be turned over to committees within the Senate.

For more information on Mexico’s journey to marriage equality, please visit:



    • Some of the people who support this are Congress members and I read it’s going to be designated to several committees in time. I don’t think Congress will touch this or at least vote for it. PRI prefers to not even touch the gay marriage issue most of the time and they’re the head party. You have several Leftist parties that will vote NO. The only one who I can see practically throwing itself over to vote Yes is PAN and they’re not part of the ruling coalition. I think it’ll just stay in the freezer since the Court will not take kindly to this at all.


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