Colombia’s Constitutional Court Reschedules Gay Marriage Debate for the 18th


Originally, the Court’s website wrote that the debate on the issue of whether gay couples can marry and if existing marriages performed by civil court judges should be annulled was planned on February 4th, but it was ultimately delayed.

Yesterday, the website once again mentioned the lawsuit in their Order of the Day and has now scheduled a debate on the 18th of this month. If the media predictions are correct, the majority of the 9 Justices will rule in favor of gay couples and make Colombia the next South American country with same-sex marriage.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Colombia, please visit:



  1. I don’t see how the Constitutional Court will struck down the SSM ban. The Colombian Constitution clearly defines a family as ‘the basic unity of society’ which ‘is formed on the basis of natural
    or legal ties, by the free decision of a man and woman to contract matrimony or by their responsible resolve to comply with it’ (art. 42).


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