Proposal To Remove Transsexualism From Denmark’s List of Illnesses


In October of 2015, a bill was submitted to Danish Parliament to remove transsexualism from being classified as a medical condition or disorder. The bill argues:

A person’s gender identity is not in itself a medical
or psychiatric condition and should not be treated, cured
or suppressed. Transsexualism (diagnosis codes DF640 and DF651) is thus out of place in the Health Classification system and must be removed.


Legal gender change without the need for any medical or surgical intervention has been available in Denmark since the approval of a 2014 gender identity law.

The proposal also urges Denmark to convince the World Health Organization to change its health codes on trans-related issues.

The bill’s first reading is scheduled for February 25th.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Denmark, please visit:


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