Gibraltar’s Opposition Voices Support For Gay Marriage Bill


The leader of Gibraltar’s Opposition voiced his support for a gay marriage proposal and has stated his optimism that his fellow members would back the bill.

Daniel Feetham of the center-right Gibraltar Social Democrats made this statement during a New Year’s television broadcast. Feetham says he believes that extending marriage to same-sex couples strengthens the institution, and although every GSD member would be allowed a free vote, he claims all of them would be in favor.

The issue has become a hot topic since the leading center-left Gibraltar Social Labour Party-Liberal Party Alliance presented a command paper on changing the local marriage laws in December of 2015.

The public will be able to send in their thoughts until January 29 when the consultation phase closes. Several debates between religious leaders and LGBT activists have arisen with some clergy suggesting that a referendum on same-sex marriage be held, but Gibraltar’s Chief Minister reportedly shot down the notion during a Parliamentary Questions and Answers.

The results of the public consultation will be released in June of this year according to the GSLP-Liberal Alliance.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Gibraltar, please visit:




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