It’s Official: Greenland Gets Gay Marriage and Adoption


After some delay due to the legislation requiring approval by Danish Parliament, Greenland’s gay marriage and adoption bill passed all the legislative hurdles today. Upon receiving Royal Assent, Greenlanders will be able to marry on April 1st.

In May of 2015, Greenlandic Parliament unanimously approved a same-sex marriage bill that was then sent to Danish MPs where it required the standard three readings in Danish Parliament. June’s elections in Denmark caused the original bill to be postponed. A new cabinet was chosen after the elections and another copy of the bill was sent to the Danish Parliament whose review was needed due to Denmark’s 2012 gay marriage bill stating that neither of its constituent territories, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, will be affected by the new Danish marriage law. The Greenlandic bill included an amendment to repeal that 2012 clause and allow the gay marriage law to come into effect in Greenland. Originally, the bill had envisioned weddings in October 2015, but the Danish governmental reshuffle did not let this come to fruition and several Danish MPs apologized for the delay.

The final reading was held today where 108 MPs unanimously voted in favor while 71 were not present. Only 90 MPs are required to be present to reach the quorum for a Parliamentary vote and this stage was merely a formality. The bill is expected to receive the ceremonial Royal Assent in the next few days.

The new marriage law in Greenland will repeal the registered partnerships law the island has had since 1996 and the same-sex adoption clause will go into effect on July 1st.

Perchy congratulates Greenland on its new laws.


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