Trans Hate Crimes Bill Introduced in Israel


A new bill to add gender identity to the current Israeli Penal Code has been submitted in Parliament. The country’s first gay MP, Amir Ohana, presented the bill last week that would make sentences for violence against the trans community on par with attacks on racial and other sexual minority groups if the crime was motivated by hatred.

According to the Jerusalem Post, crimes motivated by racism or the victim’s sexual preferences carry double the sentence of the same crime with a different motive. The exclusion of the transgender community in the existing Penal Code means that victims have not had their cases treated as a hate crime. A recent rise in violence has prompted the MP to act and make the legislation his first bill since being sworn in.

Though a similar bill presented last year, Ohana hopes that his bill will be able to cross party lines.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Israel, please visit:


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