Ecuador’s President Partially Vetoes New Trans Law


President Rafael Correa has sent an Identification Card bill back to the Ecuadorian National Assembly after he announced his disagreement with 61 of the proposal’s 103 articles.

Ecuador’s proposed ID bill was passed by the Assembly in December and would allow a person to change the information from male to female and vice versa on the card only once in their lifetime after turning 18. Following Tuesday’s veto, the Assembly must now discuss the amendments proposed by the head of state.

The first amendment the President suggested was to have the bill reiterate the country’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and adoption. He also argued that two witnesses must be available during the process of making the changes on the ID.

Correa’s advice has not satisfied either side of the debate as some conservatives had called for its full veto arguing against the idea of gender identity while LGBT rights activists wished for less restrictions and were disappointed that a repetition of the constitutional clauses barring gay marriage and adoption may be added to the bill.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Ecuador, please visit:


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