Swiss LGBT to Use the Power of the Post


The Gemeinsam Weiter (Moving Forward Together) group mentioned in a previous article about the upcoming Swiss referendum has started a mailing campaign titled “Write Your Grandmother“. The goal is to send a card to friends and loved ones urging them to vote ‘No’ on February 28th. The campaign wants to send out mail describing what will happen if the referendum is successful and the only requirement is to fill in the sender and recipient’s name. Moving Forward Together would then send the post completely free of charge. The message written on the card was kindly translated by my friend Robin:

On 28 February 2016, Switzerland votes on the Christian People’s Party initiative “For marriage and family – against the penalty of marriage”. This would abolish the penalty of marriage, which would benefit only 80.000 couples. Furthermore it would define marriage as the “bond of man and woman” into the Federal Constitution, which excludes same-sex couples from marriage: a discrimination of about 500.000 gay people in Switzerland. Were the initiative adopted, the legislature has no possibility to open marriage to same-sex couples without a further constitutional amendment. My plea to you: say NO to discrimination and unequal treatment and vote NO. Thank you very much. Kind regards

A counter initiative to legalize gay marriage in the country is still pending in Parliament.


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