What’s Next For Slovenia?


In 2009, Slovenia’s Constitutional Court told Parliament that the civil partnership law passed in 2006 needed to be improved, especially in regards to inheritance rights. Over six years later the Court’s ruling has yet to be fulfilled.

Two attempts from two different government coalitions have both resulted in a majority of voters repealing the most recent bills passed by Parliament. In March of 2012, a civil partnership bill to give same-sex couples all the rights of marriage barring full adoption rights was defeated in a referendum 54.5%-45.5% – although the right of stepchild adoption, or a law permitting the adoption of one’s partner, remained. After a new coalition was sworn in during 2014, work began on a bill that would go all the way and grant gay couples the right to marry and jointly adopt. The bill was met with fierce opposition from conservative groups who once again prevailed in holding a referendum that would lead to the bill’s demise by a margin of 66-33% on December 20th, 2015.

Following the December 2015 referendum, an independent member of Parliament presented a bill that would update the current civil partnership law, but neither grant the term marriage nor change existing adoption laws. This carefully-crafted bill had been written in 2014 in response to the 2012 referendum, but was placed on hold while the marriage proposal was brought to Parliament for a vote instead.

As for same-sex marriage, it seems to be off the cards for now as by law, a proposal similar to something that is rejected by the public cannot be resubmitted for at least one year. The ever-looming risk of another expensive referendum being held also makes it seem unlikely that the government would try a marriage bill again so soon.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_Slovenia


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