Romania’s Gay Marriage Ban Initiative Gets Help from Priests


According to Balkan Insight, an initiative to create a referendum on adding a heterosexual definition of marriage to the Romanian constitution is being heralded by clergy from across the country. While the Orthodox Church itself has not instructed its members to gather the 500,000 signatures needed to begin the referendum process, several priests have taken it upon themselves to convince their parishes to join the effort.


As show on the map above, courtesy of Wikipedia, Romania is one of the few European countries that neither sanction gay unions nor ban them. Efforts from both ends of the spectrum have failed so far as last December a civil union bill was once again shot down in Parliament, while in 2013 a constitutional committee had attempted to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and at the same time ban marriage between members of the same-sex some before a major backlash forced the committee members to retract both constitutional amendments. This has left Romania with a gray area that each side hopes to claim in the near future.

Since Romania’s current constitution only states that a marriage in the country is “between spouses”, local conservative groups are hoping to make the matrimonial clause specify that the union can only be held between one man and one woman, though it may still be some time before anything reaches the voters as the initiative must go through several hoops before a referendum is allowed to be held. Stay tuned.

For more information on the LGBT rights situation in Romania, please visit:


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